Who are we

We are an end to end consultancy and services business based in Sydney, who exist to unlock a businesses’ potential and minimise the uncertainty. We believe in making the complex simple, keeping simple ideas uncomplicated and having fun

Typically, we work with entrepreneurs running 6-7 figure businesses, looking to attract and retain a consistent, sustainable supply of high quality clients, while keen to step away from the mundane aspects of running a business, so they can focus on building their business and having fun

Who's running this business

Hi I’m Nick Belgrove, the founder and principle consultant at NJED Consulting.

I come from a technical background (systems engineer, integration consultant, ICT Director), spending over 22years designing and implementing technical solutions, driving business transformations for global brands and smaller industry disrupters. Over 10 years of which was spent initially running the technology, but later venturing into the strategic and digital solutions side, for one of Australia’s leading advertising & TV production businesses. Working alongside and collaborating with some of the best marketing brains in Australia, had a lasting impact on my thinking, driving how I combine marketing and technology to deliver remarkable results for my clients.


Why we do what we do

Business doesn’t have to be a grind, with a few elements well executed, it can be fun and sharing this insight makes all the years of painful mistakes worthwhile.

Helping people feels good, but when those people are running businesses you can positively impact, the ripple effect is magnified, which exponentially amplifies the satisfaction and impact.

Being able to do things you are passionate about makes getting out of bed in the morning something you look forward to. Add to this the opportunity to work with and help people you enjoy being with and you can see why we love doing what we do!


So how do we help

We help entrepreneurs view running their business from a different perspective, distilling what to focus on and when, taking into consideration a clear view of their competitive landscape and where they sit within it.

This is achieved utilising a selection of pragmatic strategic, tactical and operational approaches, derived from hands on experience across business strategy, business analysis, technical architecture, marketing, digital advertising, business operations and applied through the NJED SIMPLE methodology.

Should they wish, we can also help them implement and manage these activities collaboratively or on their behalf.


Why work with us

We see the problems entrepreneurs running small businesses are facing from a different perspective to a traditional marketing or business process organisations. Coming from a technical background where large teams and global businesses were relying on effective systems to handle high volumes of transactions, provide accurate timely insights to steer decisions, which later also included the positioning of @$10m a month in paid advertising, requires a rare blend of strategy, business analysis, technical and marketing skills.

This background and the painful mistakes we’ve learned from over the years, is what has shaped our approach, aimed at delivering the results big business achieve for small businesses, but at a fraction of the cost and easily adopted in businesses as small as one person.


How the business was started

This business was born out of the unnecessary frustration that can be seen amongst time poor entrepreneurs running small businesses, investing precious time and money into marketing, often paid advertising, without seeing meaningful results, compounded by inefficient internal operational processes.

After researching the problems in several industry verticals, there was a lightbulb moment, as it became apparent the causes were very similar and could be resolved through a straightforward and easily communicated method.

This insight, combined with the satisfaction gained while helping entrepreneurs, inspired the business founder to adopt the courage he so admired in the entrepreneurs around him and started NJED Consulting.


Typical client problems

Our customers are smart, driven individuals, frustrated that people aren’t queuing up to obtain their great products and services, as well as the disproportionate amount of mental energy and resources their business operations soak up.

More specifically they have one or more of the following problems:

  • Work excessive hours and are not enjoying life
  • Experience peaks and troughs of work causing cashflow issues
  • Don’t clearly communicate the value they can offer customers
  • Have a superficial view of their ideal clients and competitive landscape
  • Don’t have time or energy to work out more efficient internal processes
  • Haven’t taken full advantage of technology to automate internal processes

We look forward to hearing from you...